Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Rub Down

Welcome to the first edition of Wednesday Rub Down, a weekly run down of the events on NBC’s hit show The Biggest Loser.  Last night kicked off Season 9 of the Biggest Loser so we were first introduced to our losers.  As seems to be the theme in BL here lately, this season has the biggest and most unhealthiest participants ever.  To keep the show fresh they come up with new curveballs for the contestants, this season had three right out of the  gate, first curveball was that the contestants had to weight in front of all their friends, family and community, second curveball was as soon as they got to the ranch and walked into the gym all the equipment was missing except for Trek bikes on which they had to ride 26.2 miles.  Third curveball, the last two teams to finish the 26.2 miles were sent home.  (We found out after they put the teams back into their limos to go home that they were coming back to the ranch in 30 days to weigh in and the team with the highest percentage of weight loss would get to stay on the ranch.  So in a few weeks we’ll have these teams back.)  Now that all the curveballs are out of the way, it was time for Bob and Jillian to start kicking butt.  At this point NBC queue’s up the puking montage.  Doesn’t everyone love to see people puking back to back to back?  Since this was the first show I don’t know the contestants well enough to start talking about them or calling them by name so we’ll keep this first post a broad overview of the episode.

At the weigh in the team of twins fell below the yellow line and so the other teams had to choose which twin to send home to continue the journey at home.  They voted to send James home.  James has a horrific knee injury that he suffered playing high school football so his brother was worried about how he’d be able to manage at home by himself.  Well turns out he’s done quite alright.  He’s lost 100 pounds in 2 months.  Congrats James on your success, keep up the hard work.

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