Sunday, January 24, 2010

Movie review Monday

I know I'm a day early, but Melissa and I curled up last night and watched a movie on one of our seldom viewed movie channels, that we pay for every month.  We watched, "he's just not that into you".  I'm sure some of you are trying to revoke my man card, but I LOVE movies, chick flicks included.  This movie takes a look at different styles of relationships, single and looking, non-single and looking, long term non-married, and married with issues.  The fun thing about this movie is that it break downs the stereo types of what men say and what women hear.  *Note, this movie had some uncomfortable parts to watch with the other half...   It seems the movie wanted to center around one main character, Ginnifer Goodwin, but with so many sub-plots it had a hard time staying on point.  Ginnifer Goodwin is simply charming and you quickly start to pull for character.  Justin Long plays a know it all bar keep that keeps you entertained.  At times I felt that the side stories were not needed and didn't really mesh with the other stories, sometimes it felt as if they were just trying to add minutes to the movie with the plot of the side stories.  Melissa was dosing in and out and would wake up a little confused by the subplots crossing in and out of the main plot.  Would I recommend this movie to watch?  Yes I would, it was cute, it was fun, and it is a movie that was made for a date night.

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