Monday, January 11, 2010

My favorite things

So I might be away from my blog for a little while so please don't all you followers go and leave me!  (All 2 of you.  :( )  I've got to find a way to grow my followers!  Anyway, since I'm going to be away I thought I'd post a few of the things I'm into right now.

1. Family Guy, I can't live without my Griffins!
2. Biggest Loser - one of the few shows Melissa and I agree 100% agree on watching.  And the only show that we HAVE to watch together.
3. Chelsea Lately - love her!  And another show Melissa and I can 100% agree on.  Fun fact, Melissa's dad also watches Chelsea!
4. I'm always game to watch Dumb and Dumber, Shawshank redemption, Joe Dirt, Forrest Gump, Step Brothers, Dew Cox or Talladega Nights.
5. I really enjoy reading, I'm a boring reader though, mainly WWII books, or a biography.  I just started Dan Brown's  "The Lost Symbol" this weekend.  After that who knows what I'll pick up, I got some good ones for Christmas so it might be an Any mini miney moe type deal.
6. I'm a HUGE fan of Charles Schultz and Peanuts. 
7. I'm a fan of Kelley Clarkson and Taylor Swift.  (Seems that they are the only people getting air time right now so they're the only artist I know)
8. I've just gotten into blogging, and no it wasn't just to piss Melissa off.
9. I think I'm the only male that blogs?  Can someone confirm this for me?
10. I <3 lamp, and Mac.


  1. Haha, you crack me up! I don't watch any of those show, I actually just watch tons of movies, which I would think you do too! ;D
    I think you should do a quotes thing like me-I would play!